Friday, July 24, 2015

Must haves for Men!!

Today you know fashion is one of the most revolving doors we can walk through. Sometimes that door takes us back to an age where our parents once were or it can show us things, brand new. As time changes, so does our appearances. What do you remember as a blast from the past, that has come back and is now again in style? From hair styles, to sunglasses, to footwear, what do you recall as an awkward phase society has taken you through? Just for you, we are giving a quick sample of the fashion for the Summer of 2015.

 1. Lightweight blazer

Hot wool blazers and summer heat (especially in Charleston) simply do not mix. Period.  A lightweight, unlined jacket or blazer is an essential piece this summer. Opt for breathable linen, cotton or linen-cotton blends to ensure comfort in these 100 degree temps.  But you know, if you have a blazer, you need some fantastic shoes to match.  You could pair a blazer with a simple t-shirt or collared shirt... You take your pick and get ready for a night out.  

2. Some head turning shoes

Speaking of shoes, I don't care what it is you have on... but if your shoes are busted, it can literally destroy your ENTIRE look.  Especially for men. Here's an inside tip. Women look first at your grooming and then the eyes go straight to the shoes, so make it count !  As a result, this element of your style is essential.  Simply put, keep your shoe game tight, ok fellas. There is more to life than some white Air Force One's.   

3.  Shades

This will definitely jazz up any out fit.  Make sure you try them on to ensure the right fit for your face. A good aviator is a good go to.

4. Whites

No matter what shade your skin is, a man in crisp whites will be noticed. The clean put together look is simple, yet makes a statement.  Have fun and throw on some accessories that will add a little pop of color if you choose and you are good to go.  

5. Polo shirt

This is a very simple, but casual look. It's comfortable, worn with shorts or pants. This is one shirt that looks good, on any man!!!

 There you have it men. Make these styles your own, STAY FLY and turn heads!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Keisha, you better WORK IT!!!!!!!

This week we are honoring Keisha A. Rivers Shorty. She is a strategist, consultant, speaker and author. This amazing woman wears many hats.  She is founder and managing consultant of The KARS Group, LTD, specializing in providing personal and professional strategic development services to small businesses, organizations and individuals. She is also the founder and Executive Director of The KARS Institute for Learning & Collaboration, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide training, resources and support to nonprofits, community organizations, churches, schools and small businesses. As a grant writer, adjunct instructor, educator and administrator she is making moves to help the people around her.  Not only does she have tons of responsibility, she is a dynamic motivational and inspirational speaker and published author.

You must check out her latest book, "Be The Creator of Your Success-NOT A Victim of Your Circumstances" forms the basis for her newly-launched "Released & Ready!" tour which assists participants to fuel their passion, align with their purpose and build their legacy. 

Not only is she a woman with an assignment, she is absolutely gorgeous and a fantastic model!  She had ripped the runways with LaJule Designs at Restore Your G.L.A.M (Giving Ladies A lot More) event and at the 9th Annual Fashion and Beauty Expo.  

Just in case you missed it, one of the outfits Keisha wore on the runway was this black brocade blazer with a white lace camisole and white jeans from Guess. She has accessorized her outfit with a grey Fedora. Her necklace is a LaJule original, and some of her own rings and bracelets to make this outfit pop! Photo by Kim Craven Photography.   It was great working with Keisha, not only did she bring life to those clothes, we had nothing but laughs backstage at the show! 

In capturing one of her most recent photoshoots, Keisha was photographed by Lenora Brown.  Angie Ravenel designed the choker and the bracelet, anklet and earrings are custom from Mexico. But check out that amazing abstract print Maxi from Rue 21. It is giving me life right now! 


Every girl needs a little black dress, and this one designed by Angie Ravenel shows you way.  Playing around with some color can always bring flare to your "little black dress". Combining  some versatile plum and gold pumps (Charlotte Russe), with some statement accessories, like this choker by Angie Ravenel, just brings things together. 
Keisha, it's a pleasure to honor you for this week's Work IT Wednesday Spotlight.  Keep doing your thing girl, and can't wait to see you stomp that next runway! 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

What would you have done?

How do you react during a crisis or when you hear about something that can change your life in an instant? A lot of times, we go into a panic mode or we just totally regress. Are you one of those people that go from 0 to 100 in an instant? Well, some of those things can range from the loss of a job, loss of property due to uncontrollable circumstances, or even loss of a loved one. This week we are proud to honor a woman that has faced adversity and still had the courage to "Work It". We are shining the LaJule spotlight on Donna Pinckney. Honestly, if you don't know her, you should get to know her. She is an amazing mother of 2, who has an amazing spirit, strong faith in God who has mastered how to become victorious after going through a storm. She is encouraging others to not sit in their sadness, but get up and keep pushing. I have had the pleasure of working with Donna, and here's her own words on her experience.

Prior to LaJule Designs, "I had just buried my husband of 13+ years in February 2, 2012. I was just moving with the flow of life to keep things going with working full time and with the kids! With everything happening, I was feeling a little lost! Trying to figure out how to transition from a family of four to a family of three!! I only knew how to be a wife and mother!! Putting others before myself and rarely doing anything for me. I wanted LaJule Design to help me "get my sexy back" and teach me that it's OK to put myself first without feeling guilty that the kids will go lacking!! LaJule Designs gave me a head to toe make over!! Make-up, hair and outfit shopping and photo shoot wearing several pieces of LaJule Designs jewelry!"

"My self esteem was given a boost, my confidence built up more, makeup and fashion tip advice that helped me to know what looks good on me and my body style!! This experience was fun, up lifting and empowering!!"

As you have seen she has been where many of us have also been or may be approaching at any time. A beautiful woman with a beautiful heart. She is selfless and needed just a little boost like all of us do in trying times. As Donna would say "In life, change what you can and what you can't, let it go and just keep it moving!!"

Donna is wearing a Tribal print shirt from Lane Bryant. She is also wearing a LaJule Designs original piece, Anna Belle . Makeup and hair by Denika Virden. Johanna Cooper, photographer. Here is a woman who has re-invented herself and inspired many people (including myself) while doing it. Work It Donna!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Five minute fix

Many of us have a busy day to day schedule. If I'm anything close to what I know many of you experience, just thinking about your days makes me get out of breath.  Have you ever been in a position where there is only about 10 minutes between one appointment to the next?! If this is the case for you, here are some tips that I have learned  to make the transition go smoothly in much less time. Just this past weekend, I went to phenomenal finance, relationship, and business conference where we were asked one day to come in business dress. I wanted to take something that was quick to throw on, and not constricting (especially being in HOTlanta), I went for a good ol' throwback... a retro style shift dress. I was NOT about to iron everything that I had... and I was NOT about to fuss over much of anything else... It was simply just to hot for all of that.  SO, literally, with a shake and go put this outfit together in 5 minutes! 

Literally, throwing on this fuchsia sleeveless shift dress, and a pair of nude pumps and was out the door after putting my hair up into a sectioned bun and modifying the traditional afro puff. (Leave a message in the comments below to let me know if you want me to show you how I did that bun).  You can literally pair nude, black, metallic, fuchsia, or even royal blue pumps with this easy to wear dress... like this... 

Don't worry about the green band, not really intended to be part of the outfit, but part of the admission for a conference I was headed to. I absolutely love shift dresses, because most of them are easy to wear, perfect for many body types, and wrinkles just fall right out of this one. You should consider one being in your closet if you are a woman who has a busy schedule or always on the go. 

By adding a black blazer to the dress, she has drastically changed the look and added a little more drama. With just that one adjustment, you can go from casual to business in a snap!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Whose that Girl?!!

We had the honor of taking part in the 9th Annual Fashion and Beauty Expo. Lowcountry Exposure is a direct marketing firm founded to focus on individuals who are interested in self-promotion via small business or fashion through use of digital technology. Their April 2014 magazine features their most recent Fashion and Beauty Expo. If you weren't there on 4/27, then you missed a treat! There were so many great designers and talents there that it was a pleasure to see different points of view and design aesthetics. LaJule debuted our 7Collection here at the Red Carpet Glam Fashion Show part of the Expo.

Here are two of the models that "Worked It" on the runway!!

Jalya Rozier totally rocked this piece.  There is no secret that summer time is here! Therefore, this a great time of a little mini summertime wardrobe boost and inspiration :).  Pair a comfortable yet fitted racer striped skirt with a criss-crossed cropped top, yes darling, you are ready to make moves! 

 Skirt: 7Collection LaJule Designs ( 843.628.2275 to order) Cropped Top : 7Collection ( 843.628.2275 to order) Earrings: model own 
Jayla had a quick change and was ready for a sexy date night in a flash! Dress: Jersey Blue Keyhole Dress ( 843.628.2275 to order) Earrings:model own  Yellow florescent pumps: model own   

Amanda is getting playful in a cute royal blue circle skirt and a fuchsia convertible top. If you like versatility, this top is for you! Nothing is ever the same ... just how we like it Top: Fuchsia convertible top ( 843.628.2275 to order) Royal Blue skirt (www.LaJuleDesigns.com843.628.2275 to order) Shoes: model own 

Let's get ready for this summer and get ready to WORK IT!!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

You will never believe what happened to her at the 7 Collection debut show!!!!

We are proud to acknowledge this week, a very special woman, Abena Scott.  A 37 year old who moved to Charleston from D.C in 2006, who has a strong passion for not only fashion, but  for all things natural. She loves for her natural hair to do whatever it likes and she embraces the look. The no fuss approach. With all of that pizzazz, could you believe that she considers herself "new" to the fashion world... She's been expressing her creativity, but just didn't realize it.  Last week, everything came to light.  I had the privilege of meeting her and she was casted as one of the models on the runway that showcased the Seven Collection by LaJule.  This natural born fashionista came out of her shell of being new to modeling and shone her light on that runway.  I was super proud of her when she overcame, looked fear and doubt in the face, pushed it aside and rocked it!

She says her style is always simple, but it definitely makes a statement. She currently works in retail at one of my favorite stores (New York and Company) and uses her position as a platform to encourage women to embrace their own beauty. She also uses her voice to help many realize they too can WORK IT!! This woman has a bright future ahead of her, she has taken that first step moving forward.

Abena's outfit here is simple yet chic.   A simple black long sleeve T-shirt, black belt and jeans are all from New York & Company. Accents are simple.. Abena shows us that simply adding a scarf and a belt brings chic to simple in a snap! Her hair was done by Nndigo Sol Natural Hair Care Studio. A twisted pin up serves as a cute protective style that sets off her crown and glory.  Hats off to you Abena for stepping out of her comfort zone and stepping out into new experiences.  WORK IT!

Here is Abena, making her Fashion Debut!!!! She is in a yellow convertible shirt with a pair of blue slim fit crop pants,
 a LaJule Designs original....WORK IT ABENA!!!!
Her makeup was done by Janelle Bar, photographer Kim Craven photography...What a team for a great experience.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Ali, Work It!!!

We are excited to feature our Working It Wednesday Spotlight on Alison Rhodes. Alison currently lives in Greenville, South Carolina with her amazing husband and two children. With having a heart to empower, encourage, and inspire women, she has made it her mission to encourage self sufficiency, education, and economic sustainability among women of all ages. She studied Communications and Women’s and Gender Studies at the College of Charleston. But she didn't stop there! She has recently taken the steps at Greenville Technical College to step into a life of Entrepreneurship. Congratulations!! You Go Girl!

As the communications chair at the Greenville YMCA Junior Board and she was one of the members of this organization to help spearhead the South Carolina Women’s Fund. This is one woman who is on a mission to help others. It is evident by her community involvement. Alison, you are an honor to get to know and thank you for everything that you continue to do that impacts the lives of others.


Wearing this printed black and white short maxi dress... it's a perfect easy, breezy dress just in time for spring. Get the look... And her curls! Aren't they gorgeous! Love it! 

 You can contact Alison via email at ... or