Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Haute Style: What Should I Do With My Hair???

Above is a question that you have probably asked yourself many times...better yet, dare to ask someone else. Trying to figure out what the best style is for you on your wedding day, coupled with the opinions of others can be very nerve racking! No need to sweat! How to sort all of that out? Ask yourself these questions: What’s the shape of my face? Would this hairstyle complement my face shape? Does this style complement the look that I'm going for? Well today LaJule is going to help you figure all that out!  

Remember, love the skin you are in! Let's start with the top, your face. 
Question one was...What’s the shape of your face?
Being able to correctly identify your face shape will definitely help you to define the type of hairstyle you will need for your big day. Here are the three most common and basic face shapes. Here's what to avoid, and what to shoot for.

Round faces: 
Think about a fuller face with soft contours towards the outer edges of your face. The widest point in this type of face is at the cheeks. Most faces that are round have more of a youthful look! I guess having "chubby cheeks" as a child is not too much of a bad thing huh :) Still Puzzled? Think of Cameren Diaz, Fergie, Oprah, Kelly Clarkson, and Catherine Zeta Jones. These ladies all have a round faces.  As you may notice these ladies love their long bobs, shoulder length hair styles, asymmetrical long or side swept bangs. These styles fit your face best. Avoid bob cuts that stop right at the chin.  This will make you look like an apple with a wig on. Cuts with layers will help elongate the face.  Target those styles.

If you have a square-shaped face, you have a strong, angular jaw line. If your face has equal proportions vertically as well as horizontally then you’re square shape. There is also a distinct square line at the forehead.  Your beauty is strong and pronounced...let's put that smile right out there.  Some of the most recognized beauties are Demi Moore, Jada Pinkett Smith, Keira Knightley, Sandra Bullock.  They all have square faces. Long loose waves, layered bobs, and side swept bangs, best will compliment your face. Think:  lovely, and loose. Long straight hair will have a tendency to show the pronounced features of the face more.  If you want to soften it up a bit, these ladies can frame and soften the face with a short bob stopping at the chin.  It rounds the face a bit creating that soft supple look that highlights those amazing cheek bones of yours.

This face shape can be very versatile! These people have a slightly narrower jaw line with only a slight roundness at the hairline.  You ladies can wear almost any hairstyle. Just be careful, with a bad haircut, your face can start to look too long. High cheekbones allow the versatility with your hair.  These gorgeous ladies have your same face shape! If your face tends to look too long, a bang or some side swept bangs help to break of the face a bit and combat it from looking too long.  You can even play with a edgy short cut.  Rihanna, Camilla Belle, Tyra Banks are true oval shapes. Long, short, waves...your face loves them all. I would avoid high ponytails that at at the crown of the head...that creates even more length to the don't want too much of a good thing.
                                                                         Taylor Swift

Ok, ok, since you asked...I'll throw in a bonus. You Heart shape faces:
I honestly think of you ladies like I do an oval shape lady.  Having long layers where the waves start right below the chin really works great with this gals.  It helps to fill out the "point" of the heart and soften the features a bit.  I would avoid any dramatics starting at the top of the head...unless it's kept to a minimum..


Hope this helps...muah! 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Haute Style: Wedding Day Eye Do's and Eye Don'ts

Ok ladies, I know it is the season for everything bridal. As the spring flower bloom, love is in the air and there are going to be lots of weddings to attend...maybe even your own.  Because I'm thinking about you, I'm going to share some quick Do's and Don'ts regarding your eye makeup that you can use to help make your wedding day even more special ( and I'm going to throw in a couple extra bonuses).

 Let's get into the EYE DO's EYE DON'Ts!!
Where's my veil?
Where's my shoes?
What time is it?
How is my make up?
Is my hair flat? I'm a girl, I get it...these are the questions that are going to be running through your head on your wedding day. But RELAX! We have your back.
Theses are some of the common questions that you may, well, you will find yourself asking anyone and everyone that can give you an answer these questions.  But it is imperative that you STOP and BREATHE. Remember: It's one of the most special days of your life. No matter what happens it will be okay. Trust me. So let's start at the beginning and we'll give you the guide to everything bridal over the next few weeks.  Since your eyes are the keys to your soul, we are going to make sure they look their best right along with everything else.  I'm going to give you my top 4 DO's and the top 3 DON'Ts especially when it comes to eye makeup on your wedding day.


Test different make-up artists
*Not everyone can or will understand your taste or your style. Be willing to try different looks and styles of make up before your big day. Do the test run.

The Dark Knight
You want to get plenty of REST the night before! You want to avoid tired eyes and dark circles.  Let your planner plan, let the florist be a florist...essentially, let others help you.  You should be relaxed, calm, and well rested.  But, if you just have too many things going on in your head the night before, make sure you have your concealer on hand and ready to make an appearance over those dark circles. Just make sure you have the correct colors and the proper blend to your makeup...

Lights, Camera, shine! NOT!
 Use matte eye shadow they don't reflect or look too shiny. You want to look put together, not painted.

Polished and Perfect
Blend well paying close attention to the corner of the eye because cameras pick-up visible make up lines. You want to look as natural as possible.


Last Minute Lashes
Don't wear false lashes unless you are 100% comfortable and 200% sure they are not going to move.  The last thing you want is to be the girl with the lashes that look more tired than you are at the end of the night!

Picture Perfect
Try to tone it down! Too much glitz,glow,and glitter can turn your makeup into a very bad drag-ish mess in 2.5 seconds flat!

Smokey Oaks
Wearing dark shadows like charcoal, black, and dark browns that are not blended properly may cause you to look tired or even punched in the face (NOT CUTE)!! If you want to go for a more sultry smoky eye, make sure you have someone who does this technique well.  Pairing a smokey eye with a nude lip helps to give balance to the face...But, don't get caught in the shuffle or looking confused on how to make that happen...

Remember its your day, If you are saying "I do" make sure you follow the "Eye Do's" as well.. especially if your groom are going to be staring at you while you are giving those vows....

Do have fun and Don't worry and enjoy one of the most memorable days of your life.  xoxo