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     Hello Dolls! My name is Denika Virden  is the proud owner and operator of DeVine Styles By: Denika my passion for doing hair begun at the early age of 12 years old, in which I found myself in her mother’s kitchen doing her relatives & friend’s hair while enjoying making others look and feel DeVine. I joke and love to call myself a “kitchen-tician” (beautician), because of where my passion for the hair industry all began and in which I continued in later years of life doing hair in my own kitchen. Even when I  was in hair school, I found herself working a full time job, taking care of her husband and two children and making “ends meet” by being at home stylist. With the Lord's blessings I have become a hard working stylist that is very protective of her client's hair. I specializes in healthy hair If you choose to be a natural Bella or a relaxed Beauty I have your back! One of my favorite questions to ask new clients and people that I meet ,"is do you want pretty hair or healthy hair?" Your answer should always be healthy!  Anyone can make your hair pretty only a true lover of hair can make it beautiful and healthy. I love to see beautiful women rocking there natural hair with banging fros and hot to death braid styles.Please don't let me forget my relaxed loves that have it going on with their short cuts , Hot colors and flowing wraps. I love you all and would to help my DeVine Divas stand out in a crowd.   So if you want to feel simply DeVine come see me at DeVine Styles By: Denika Where every styling experience is catered to with one on one attention that you and your hair requires!

What's really going on with your hair? 

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     Virgin brazilian, Bonita body wave, Indian and Peruvian hair. Should I spend $200 to $300 trying to get the hair that I see my favorite Star sporting? This is the question that so many women are asking themselves right now. Well I'm Natural Nika let me take a minute to ask myself that question...... Myself said "No"! Don't get me wrong the hair is beautiful but we have to ask ourselves too many questions before buying our brand new luscious locs. Let me help you with your choice the first question you should ask yourself who should I buy my hair from? There  so many people claiming to have the best hair from all over the world. You should always ask to see samples of the hair and see pictures of it installed and styled. If you are buying 100 percent virgin hair it only comes in natural black. If you wear your hair jet black Blonde, Red or even the new hair trend Ombre  you are going to have to pay your stylist to do the prep work on your hair system. On top of paying for your gone with the wind fabulous hair.You will have to pay a good stylist to install your hair system for anywhere from $100 to $130 . You still have to buy products to maintain your diva status hair. You will need a good Shampoo (sulfate free) a good moisturizing conditioner and argon oil to  keep your luscious locs on point. From what I've been told this hair Can last you up to a year, but do you want to wear the same hair for a year? So let me take you back to the first question should you pay $200  for your new lovely hair? No because you have now spent close $600 with paying a great stylist and buying products. Not to mention the money you will be paying your stylist to maintain and take care of your very expensive hair! My advice to my DeVine divas do some research and go to your local beauty supply store and get you some good quality hear that you will be able to change up without feeling bad that you spent hundreds of dollars on hair that may or may not last. To all the divine women out there hair does not make you a diva is the light that shines from within! 
                            Naturally yours, 

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