Friday, July 24, 2015

Must haves for Men!!

Today you know fashion is one of the most revolving doors we can walk through. Sometimes that door takes us back to an age where our parents once were or it can show us things, brand new. As time changes, so does our appearances. What do you remember as a blast from the past, that has come back and is now again in style? From hair styles, to sunglasses, to footwear, what do you recall as an awkward phase society has taken you through? Just for you, we are giving a quick sample of the fashion for the Summer of 2015.

 1. Lightweight blazer

Hot wool blazers and summer heat (especially in Charleston) simply do not mix. Period.  A lightweight, unlined jacket or blazer is an essential piece this summer. Opt for breathable linen, cotton or linen-cotton blends to ensure comfort in these 100 degree temps.  But you know, if you have a blazer, you need some fantastic shoes to match.  You could pair a blazer with a simple t-shirt or collared shirt... You take your pick and get ready for a night out.  

2. Some head turning shoes

Speaking of shoes, I don't care what it is you have on... but if your shoes are busted, it can literally destroy your ENTIRE look.  Especially for men. Here's an inside tip. Women look first at your grooming and then the eyes go straight to the shoes, so make it count !  As a result, this element of your style is essential.  Simply put, keep your shoe game tight, ok fellas. There is more to life than some white Air Force One's.   

3.  Shades

This will definitely jazz up any out fit.  Make sure you try them on to ensure the right fit for your face. A good aviator is a good go to.

4. Whites

No matter what shade your skin is, a man in crisp whites will be noticed. The clean put together look is simple, yet makes a statement.  Have fun and throw on some accessories that will add a little pop of color if you choose and you are good to go.  

5. Polo shirt

This is a very simple, but casual look. It's comfortable, worn with shorts or pants. This is one shirt that looks good, on any man!!!

 There you have it men. Make these styles your own, STAY FLY and turn heads!!!!!!