Wednesday, April 30, 2014

You will never believe what happened to her at the 7 Collection debut show!!!!

We are proud to acknowledge this week, a very special woman, Abena Scott.  A 37 year old who moved to Charleston from D.C in 2006, who has a strong passion for not only fashion, but  for all things natural. She loves for her natural hair to do whatever it likes and she embraces the look. The no fuss approach. With all of that pizzazz, could you believe that she considers herself "new" to the fashion world... She's been expressing her creativity, but just didn't realize it.  Last week, everything came to light.  I had the privilege of meeting her and she was casted as one of the models on the runway that showcased the Seven Collection by LaJule.  This natural born fashionista came out of her shell of being new to modeling and shone her light on that runway.  I was super proud of her when she overcame, looked fear and doubt in the face, pushed it aside and rocked it!

She says her style is always simple, but it definitely makes a statement. She currently works in retail at one of my favorite stores (New York and Company) and uses her position as a platform to encourage women to embrace their own beauty. She also uses her voice to help many realize they too can WORK IT!! This woman has a bright future ahead of her, she has taken that first step moving forward.

Abena's outfit here is simple yet chic.   A simple black long sleeve T-shirt, black belt and jeans are all from New York & Company. Accents are simple.. Abena shows us that simply adding a scarf and a belt brings chic to simple in a snap! Her hair was done by Nndigo Sol Natural Hair Care Studio. A twisted pin up serves as a cute protective style that sets off her crown and glory.  Hats off to you Abena for stepping out of her comfort zone and stepping out into new experiences.  WORK IT!

Here is Abena, making her Fashion Debut!!!! She is in a yellow convertible shirt with a pair of blue slim fit crop pants,
 a LaJule Designs original....WORK IT ABENA!!!!
Her makeup was done by Janelle Bar, photographer Kim Craven photography...What a team for a great experience.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Ali, Work It!!!

We are excited to feature our Working It Wednesday Spotlight on Alison Rhodes. Alison currently lives in Greenville, South Carolina with her amazing husband and two children. With having a heart to empower, encourage, and inspire women, she has made it her mission to encourage self sufficiency, education, and economic sustainability among women of all ages. She studied Communications and Women’s and Gender Studies at the College of Charleston. But she didn't stop there! She has recently taken the steps at Greenville Technical College to step into a life of Entrepreneurship. Congratulations!! You Go Girl!

As the communications chair at the Greenville YMCA Junior Board and she was one of the members of this organization to help spearhead the South Carolina Women’s Fund. This is one woman who is on a mission to help others. It is evident by her community involvement. Alison, you are an honor to get to know and thank you for everything that you continue to do that impacts the lives of others.


Wearing this printed black and white short maxi dress... it's a perfect easy, breezy dress just in time for spring. Get the look... And her curls! Aren't they gorgeous! Love it! 

 You can contact Alison via email at ... or

Friday, April 4, 2014

Now this is what you call BOLD!

How many of you can say that you haven't been affected by a society standard of beauty and what is defined as beautiful at some point in your life? Have you ever found yourself trying to fit in that mold? Why is that? Are we groomed as children to believe what is beautiful from the Barbie dolls and the cartoon characters that we adore as children? Why do so many women try to "fit into" a standard that has been set regardless of where they live in the world. Why is that universal? Why does this problem even exist? 

Well, a Los Angeles woman by the name of  Amani Terrell says enough is enough! She wanted to put her self-esteem and self confidence on display on the busiest streets of LA.  She definitely wanted the world to hear what she had to say.  She literally became tired of what Hollywood's obsession of what they defined  "beauty" as. In this, she did something that was bolder than bold. No matter what people said, shouted or non-verbally communicated to her, she walked in her fearlessness. 

  Amani spoke about validation saying, " You can not seek validation from other people. This world is very cruel. You must seek validation within yourself and be kind to yourself."  Check out this vid of Amani and sound off. Do you think she is a person who is simply seeking attention? Or do you think she is a role model for anyone who wants to express their own authentic beauty?