Friday, May 16, 2014

Whose that Girl?!!

We had the honor of taking part in the 9th Annual Fashion and Beauty Expo. Lowcountry Exposure is a direct marketing firm founded to focus on individuals who are interested in self-promotion via small business or fashion through use of digital technology. Their April 2014 magazine features their most recent Fashion and Beauty Expo. If you weren't there on 4/27, then you missed a treat! There were so many great designers and talents there that it was a pleasure to see different points of view and design aesthetics. LaJule debuted our 7Collection here at the Red Carpet Glam Fashion Show part of the Expo.

Here are two of the models that "Worked It" on the runway!!

Jalya Rozier totally rocked this piece.  There is no secret that summer time is here! Therefore, this a great time of a little mini summertime wardrobe boost and inspiration :).  Pair a comfortable yet fitted racer striped skirt with a criss-crossed cropped top, yes darling, you are ready to make moves! 

 Skirt: 7Collection LaJule Designs ( 843.628.2275 to order) Cropped Top : 7Collection ( 843.628.2275 to order) Earrings: model own 
Jayla had a quick change and was ready for a sexy date night in a flash! Dress: Jersey Blue Keyhole Dress ( 843.628.2275 to order) Earrings:model own  Yellow florescent pumps: model own   

Amanda is getting playful in a cute royal blue circle skirt and a fuchsia convertible top. If you like versatility, this top is for you! Nothing is ever the same ... just how we like it Top: Fuchsia convertible top ( 843.628.2275 to order) Royal Blue skirt (www.LaJuleDesigns.com843.628.2275 to order) Shoes: model own 

Let's get ready for this summer and get ready to WORK IT!!

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